Softscape Design & Installation

Softscape is a term for the live bushes, plants and ornamental trees that enhance the appeal of your home. We work closely with our customers to create the right design and material choices to fit their aesthetics and budget. Whenever possible, we recommend plants that are native to North Carolina.

Existing Decorative Bed Enhancement

Beds are stripped of any existing weeds, mulch and unwanted plant material. New plantings are installed per the agreed upon design. Pre-emergent herbicide is applied within the immediate area to mitigate future weed growth. Borders are created or defined. New mulch is installed at a three inch depth.

New Design Installation

We contact NC 811 to identify underlying utilities. The new design layout is spray painted on the existing ground for installation reference. Planting cavities and two-inch border trenches are dug out. Planting Cavities are lined with a topsoil and compost blend prior to installation. The area is watered before and after mulch installation.

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