Mulch Design & Installation

Our customers have a large selection of moisture retaining mulch to choose from for their planting beds and ornamental tree cover. Designer Brown and Triple Shred are the two most popular.

Designer Brown

Designer Black

This recycled product is made from virgin wood chips (no pallets!), sized to exact specs., for aesthetics and longevity. The mulch is injected with EPA approved dye colorant. The dryness from the aging process of the virgin wood allows for deeper penetration of the dye into the pores. Larger grind gives a consistent double shredded look and slower deterioration. Color lasts 18 – 24 months.

Triple Shreded

This is aged, ground “bark” from hardwood trees, (primarily oak). The smaller particle size speeds up deterioration, which allows quicker nutrient release into the soil. It is screened for consistency.


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